R&O Getaways

New Braunfels, Texas & Miramar Beach, Florida

Experience the privacy of our short-term rental homes, the community sites, and activities in our area. We provide the luxury of a home atmosphere. New Braunfels, Gruene, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Sandestin provide the rest.

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A place to get away from it all

Enjoy your stay with us in one or more of our vacation rentals. A place to get away from it all, including noisy motels and condos. Your own private place to hang out for a weekend, or maybe longer. By yourself, or with those you want to be around.

Parties too large for single home?

Home Groupings available:
5 homes on Zipp Rd
2 homes on Kuehler Ave

Multiple Properties with Plenty of space

Beach Bungalow in Sandestin
Tumbleweed River Haus
Cowboy Country Club
Blue Sky

Getting away to New Braunfels, Texas or Miramar Beach, Florida?

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